Helix DNA 6Me, submitting a sample of my spit for a DNA test. I didn’t have to submit new saliva to get the updated results.Hollis JohnsonBack in 2015, I decided to send my spit to 23andMe, the personal genetics company that sells direct-to-consumer tests.

The test gave me information on everything from how much DNA I share with our Neanderthal ancestors, to how much caffeine I likely consume, to whether or not I might have a unibrow. It also let me know if I’m carrying certain genetic variations related to diseases that could be passed on to kids.

In April, the FDA told 23andMe it could start providing genetic health risk reports, which reveal whether you have an increased risk of developing certain diseases, including Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease. That version of the test is $199, while the ancestry test alone is $99

Here’s what the new version is like: