nsdcareyInstagram/nsdcareyIt’s not hard to see the draw of life in the Bay Area of San Francisco, California.

Already a vibrant city famed for its iconic Golden Gate Bridge, hilly streets, painted ladies, and quirky dive bars, the enigma of the nearby Silicon Valley has lured countless tech-savvy and ambitious millennials.

It’s all conveniently located close to the California wine country and some stunning natural scenery, too.

30-year-old Londoner Nicolas Carey relocated to San Francisco with design and development agency Potato a year ago. He spends four days working in San Francisco and one day a week in Mountain View, Silicon Valley, when he visits Potato’s client Google. 

Business Insider caught up with Carey while he was in London for the festive period to hear about his first year of life in the Bay as a so-called “transplant.”

According to Carey, there are many things about living in the Bay — and working in Silicon Valley — that aren’t what you’d expect from a global tech hub.

Here are 15 things he has learned since moving to San Francisco: