Eve VCaroline Cakebread/Business Insider

Meet the Eve V (pronounced “Eve Vee”) — a combination laptop/tablet hybrid, powered by Windows 10. It looks very much like Microsoft’s excellent Surface Pro

But there’s something a little different about the Eve V, which comes out of an Intel-backed Finnish startup.

Every aspect of the Eve V, from the design to the processor to the keyboard cover material, was decided with full and complete input from Eve’s community of fans. Over a thousand people contributed their feedback to how the Eve V should be built, resulting in a device that — theoretically — meets the exacting needs of the most demanding users.

Even Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella asked for an Eve V to play around with, after the Eve crowdfunding campaign caught his eye.

I’ve been using the Eve V for a week, and I can say this: The Eve community should be proud. While there are a few spots where the wisdom of the crowd didn’t quite come through, the Eve V is an outstanding first effort, with lots to recommend it, even when compared against Microsoft’s own Surface Pro

Here’s the skinny on Eve V’s crowdsourced computer: